Thousands white petals, fallen from the branches of the same cherry tree which blossomed last year, blowing with breeze of the spring… Today the weather was wonderful with the end of the cherry blossom season. Professor Otsuki said “It is the season of yours. (君らの季節だからな。)” I believe it is time for us to step farther toward progress of the future. Today, we practiced judo as always. We had an honor to receive a visit of Judo master Nose again.

 As it is welcoming freshman season, we returned to the basic points so that new members who have been recently joined our club can keep breast with us. After the warm up stretch of body, we practiced Ukemi. Senior Aoki, told me that although this basic practice is for freshman members, sophomores also need to fortify Ukemi so that I may not get hurt in the future any more. Seniors also taught new members how to do Wakijime, Ebi, and Gyakuebi. It was expected of them to suffer from clumsiness for now, as it was expected of me to have gone through the same difficulties when I joined our Judo club last year. To our surprise, they have proven that they are quite resourceful in the future. At the sight of their impressive performance, I remembered what Confucian had said. “Fear future generation.” This quotation has been said quite often when people faced the excellent later generation. As a sophomore student, they inspired me to try harder to be a good senior to them.

 After Randori, Judo master Nose taught us Kuzusi of Mae-waza and Usiro-waza. It is the most fundamental part of Tachiwaza. Senior Suzuki told me that he was not able to practice Kuzusi in tandem with his Judo skills because he was too young to understand the importance of Kuzusi, but as we are university students, we can now utilize our knowledge to the practice. We are going to practice Kuzusi during the Uchikomi as was commanded and I expect Kuzusi will be naturally involved with our Judo skills in the real competition.

 Throughout the history, we Judo club has been standing over the adversities and tests of the time. Captain Takahashi, champion of Hitotsubashi, and the protector of the ancient tradition has dictated our first priority is to win the championship of Sanshodaisen. I am so happy that we were able to assemble new comrades to fight with and that still we can expect more freshmen to join us. It seems that we are sailing to the right place where is victory.

Sophomore JEONG


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