Whirlwind of the spring has turned the color of Kunitachi into green. Everywhere is now green leaves with dripping dews of rains.
Today we practiced Judo just as always.
Alumnus Hamaguchi(H5 graduated) gave us a glorious visit. Tachikawa high school students attended our practice with honor.
A freshman student, Kanbe also participated in the practice today.
Because of the job hunting schedule of senior students, the number of our Judo club who attend the practice has been smaller than before.
However, with new comrades who have been recently joined our judo club and freshman students who has not joined our club yet, I believe we had a meaningful practice today.

Although freshman Kanbe has only experienced Judo during his high school education, today’s menu was not intended for Kanbe to taste Judo, but intended for him to experience the usual practice of our Judo club.
Captain Takahashi, champion of Hitotsubashi and the protector of ancient tradition decided to arrange the menu, considering that students from Tachikawa High school will attend competition tomorrow.
They say he can raise 140kg with squat.
Behold the power of Kanbe which is yet unleashed!
For the swirling images that flow forth from his movement is only shadow of latent true power of him.
All who saw Kanbe’s movement during the randori might agree that he would be a great Judo warrior if he practices with us.

After the practice, as always, we asked freshman Kanbe to introduce himself to us. The probablity for him to join our Judo club was…


Considering that he attended our Judo practice today first time, I think 70% is such a high figure.
He proved himself very resourceful.
We are going to exert our sincerity until he finally feels it is Judo club that he belongs to.

 After the practice we ate dinner with freshman student Kanbe and Goto.
Although freshman Goto was not able to attend the practice due to the class at 5th period, it seems that he is also one of the powerful candidates of the 6th new member of this year.

We are grateful for your visit today, noble Kanbe.
We are waiting for your coming here Yubikan again.
We also send our gratitude to students from Tachikawa high school for visiting us today.
I am so grateful that the plans comes together. 
Under the captain Takahashi’s leadership, we are going to straight forward to the victory.

 Sophomore Jeong

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