When Schumpeter first proposed the concept of “creative destruction”, it raised many an eyebrow as a novel take on growth and innovation. As Schumpeter saw it, instead of gradual improvement from the same equilibrium, growth of a swifter and more dynamic nature may be induced by introducing elements that disrupt the existing balance, forcing the system as a whole to rebalance itself, and in doing so, achieve rapid progress.

Recognizing the need to build a strong base in preparation for the next season during our current off-season, our coach did just what Schumpeter proposed today: instead of having us do our strength training under the usual conditions in our club room, with the same weights and machines that we have come to get used to, he had us proceed to 府中市立総合体育館 at nearby 分倍河原 to do our eight repetition maximum (8RM) measurements in a room full of unfamiliar faces and watchful eyes.

The learning points we gained today as a result of this subtle unbalancing were manifold: first and foremost, although the weights and machines we utilized today were, in principle, the same as the ones we use on a weekly basis in school, meaning that there should be no appreciable change in performance or method, we noticed certain disparities in the form with which we did our exercises; in other words, our mastery of the exercises is still lacking in certain aspects, and the session today gave us an opportunity to identify those minute irregularities in form before they lead to any accidents or injuries.

In addition, having ended the competitive season for the academic year in late November last year and settled into ‘exam mode’, the current equilibrium is one of stagnated progress, inevitable as it might seem, given our hectic schedules that only get more fast-paced as the semester draws to a close. The results of the 8RM measurements taken today, therefore, served as a morale boost for some and as a timely alarm bell for others, that only another three months await before the start of the next season (and the induction of our would-be juniors from the freshmen who are due to enter the school in spring) – precious little time to tune our bodies up and set a good example for our incoming juniors.

The final lesson gleaned today takes the form of the new exercises introduced to us by our coach in co-operation with the patient staff members of the gym. This, coupled with the little bit of friendly competition suggested by our coach, who ventured the idea of rewarding the top three club members who make the most progress in the year ahead, is bound to stir further frenetic improvement in our midst. And on that note, do look forward to seeing us in finer form and fitness at the training sessions that are to come!

2年 チーハオ

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