Today marked the first day of school for the summer semester of the 2013-2014 academic year, a momentous day of rejoicing - not merely because we get to dive headlong into our books and lectures again, but mainly also because of the uplifting feeling of embarking on a whole new journey, with new comrades among our midst.

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As our devoted readers who follow this blog conscientiously would know, the freshmen recruitment drive this year is riding on the unprecedented momentum of zealous participation by a core group of experienced judo club members who were formerly supporting pillars of strength at their respective almae matres, as well as adventurous volunteers, who while yet inexperienced, are sure to blossom as budding judo enthusiasts in the near and foreseeable future.

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As the official scribe of the day, I am proud to report that this momentum is still going strong (with barely any signs of letting up!). In addition to our new resident heavyweight 鈴木-kun (who had wowed us with his skills and 100% affirmation to joining our club), 萩-kun (who had pledged 70% previously - more on this later!), one of the aforementioned experienced freshmen (who just happens to have been born in the UK [how cool is that?!]), dropped by to train with us today. His brimming love for judo was plain in his burning, focused eyes as he sequentially challenged our club members to a bout each during the sparring segment before going on to ask 山岸-san for the last dance (bout) of the day.

After a confidential lecture by 山岸-san on joint techniques (the contents of which are too potent and thus sensitive to be revealed here), we ended the training segment of today's session, which brought us to the highlight of the day...

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萩-kun's re-affirmation to joining our club! The silence was deafening as we awaited his answer...

"The probability of me joining the club is still... 70%!"
He then added that while the club was an extremely attractive proposition, he still needed to go look around for a bit more before making up his mind.

While we haven't got the answer that we're looking for, 萩-kun's heart and actions speak for themselves (why else would he have joined us time and again, and had as much fun as he did, right? :P). Our doors will always remain open to you, 萩-kun, and all you other judo lovers and budding enthusiasts out there!

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